Food Lovers Market and Fruit and Veg City continues to hog the news as suppliers of illegal fish. In the latest report, we read that their Sandton City store staff effectively kidnapped journalists who bust them with illegal undersized lobsters! 
What is going on here? South African west coast rock lobster stocks are in serious trouble with inshore stocks estimated to be at less than 5% of pristine levels. 
Food Lovers Market and Fruit and Veg City have already been busted with selling red-listed line fish species. Our line fishery is considered in environmental crisis with many line fish stocks (ie those on the SASSI red-list) considered as “collapsed”. 
We urge DAFF to immediately commence an urgent investigation into Food Lovers Market and Fruit and Veg City’s fish buying processes and to determine who supplied the undersized lobsters. Supplier processing permits should be suspended if necessary to start with and all illegal fish should be confiscated from Food Lovers Market and Fruit and Veg City and charges brought for violating the Marine Living Resources Act. 

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