The Seli 1 leaked more oil on 3 September 2011 which washed up onto Blouberg Beach today. The smell of oil was still very pungent by 14h00 but had largely dissipated by 17h00. The City of Cape Town had cordoned off access to the beach and had largely cleaned up the beach of significant oil deposits by 17h00.
Although not a substantial spill, some sea life has been affected with the City reporting the death of 4 gulls and seals. The beach has been closed to all recreational activity.

The Seli 1 is a Turkish bulk carrier, operated by TEB Maritime of Istanbul, and was en route to Gibraltar when it was driven aground off Blouberg beach by strong westerly winds shortly after midnight on 18 September 2009, having reported engine failure and a snapped anchor chain.
The ship was carrying a cargo of 30 000 tons of coal, and 660 tonnes of heavy fuel oil with 60 tons of diesel fuel. The vessel was essentially abandoned by its insurers, the Russian P&I Pool and its owner.

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