Legal & environmental compliance

Feike has provided private and public sector clients in South Africa and abroad with legal opinions and advice to ensure that their projects and institutional systems comply with applicable and governing domestic, regional and international laws. If you are wanting to know if your business or institution complies with domestic, regional or international laws and obligations, whether there are gaps in compliance regimes and how to affordably close these gaps, then contact Feike for our specialist advice.

Our clients have included Cape Nature, the South African Department of Environmental Affairs, a number of South Africa’s largest commercial fishing companies, operators in the South African boat-based whale watching and white shark cage diving sectors, foreign fishing companies and fishing industry bodies.


Regulatory & Institutional Systems Development & Implementation

Feike specializes in the design of regulatory and institutional systems such as laws, policies and guidelines for governments, regional management bodies and organisations, as well as for large private sector or public corporations. Feike is renowned for designing regulatory and institutional systems that are complemented by institutional budgets and available human resources.

We have successfully designed regulatory and institutional systems for –

  • The Mozambique Ministry of Fisheries;
  • The African Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources;
  • The Western Cape Transport Department;
  • The Lesotho Highlands Development Authority;
  • IUCN in relation to the Lesotho Government’s Environment Department;
  • UNEP in relation to the restructuring of the Abidjan Convention & Secretariat; and
  • The South African Department of Environmental Affairs.


Fisheries management & compliance

Feike provides expert and strategic advice on domestic, regional and international fisheries management and fisheries compliance advising individual governments, inter-governmental organisations and RFMO’s. We specialize in the design of policy and regulatory instruments aimed at effectively managing and regulating fisheries conservation, utilization and management.

We have provided fisheries management compliance advisory services to –

  • The African Union;
  • The European Union’s ACP Fish II Programme;
  • NEPAD;
  • The Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem Programme;
  • The Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO);
  • The Mozambique Ministry of Fisheries;
  • The South African Department of Environmental Affairs;
  • Members of the South African Commercial Fishing Industry.


Fish farming

The growing recognition across Africa of the importance of investing in sustainable and viable fishing farming projects presents an important opportunity to governments to properly and efficiently regulate the farming of fish and to developing fish farming industries to ensure that regulatory frameworks do not suffocate a developing industry. Feike advises both governments and private sector investors on how best to ensure a sustainable balance between strong and sustainable regulatory frameworks and encouraging and supporting the growth of sustainable fish farms.

We have advised a number of governments and private sector clients on the identification of opportunities in the exploitation and regulation of the fish farming sector (both marine and freshwater). We have provided advice to –

  • The European Union’s ACP Fish II Programme on sustainable fish farming regulatory and policy frameworks;
  • The Lesotho Government on the conceptualization, design and implementation of fish farming regulations;
  • De Beers on the identification of fish farming opportunities in the Northern Cape Province;
  • A number of South African private sector clients seeking to invest in fish farming ventures;
    • The South Korean government on South African fish farming laws and policies and investment opportunities.


Resource trading & marketing

Feike specializes in the provision of legal, technical and transaction advisory services to the buyers and sellers of resources. Feike has access to a range of natural resources including –

  • Fish and fish products, including hakes, squid, lobsters and tunas;
  • Commercial fishing quotas for sale in South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia and Angola;
  • Minerals and resources, including iron ore, magnesium, chrome, magnetite, manganese and coal;
  • Diesel for fishing vessels at substantially discounted prices.

Feike has successfully advised a number of parties seeking to either purchase or sell an array of natural resources from fish to iron-ore.


Fisheries & Aquaculture research & analysis

Feike remains the leading provider of reliable and up-to-date analytical fisheries management and compliance data pertaining to commercial fishing in South Africa. We have produced a number of publications and reports on the state of commercial fisheries and fishing in SA, SADC, and the Benguela Current region. We have advised and produced reports for the following clients:

  • ABSA Investments;
  • Old Mutual Investment Group SA;
  • Canadian Innovation Fund
  • The South Korean Government