The fraudster and con-man known as Yusuf Achmat (Malafa Fishing CC) has been removed as a beneficiary of an interim relief lobster quota, making way for a deserving and honest fisherman who actually relies on fishing for a living.
In July, Feike was alerted to the fact that Mr Achmat’s name appeared on the proposed Interim Relief List for 2011/2012. Feike addressed correspondence to the Department advising that Achmat could not qualify for an interim relief quota as he does not satisfy the department’s published criteria. Feike noted, inter alia, that –
1. Mr Achmat is known to have defrauded a number of commercial fishing companies by posing as the holder/owner/authorised representative of commercial fishing rights in the lobster offshore and small pelagic fisheries. Feike provided copies of bank statements showing Achmat’s receipt of funds totaling more than R200 000 and his fraudulent signature on a number of agreements.
2. Mr Achmat poses as the owner of Malafa Fishing Fishing CC (a defunct entity of which he is not a member) and fraudulently advertises that he/Malafa owns an offshore lobster commercial fishing right amounting to 15 tons.
The department advises that it had attempted to obtain Achmat’s response to the allegations put forward by Feike but refused to answer his mobile phone and refused to respond to written requests to attend a meeting of the verification team. The Department has also advised that all fishery control officers have been informed that Achmat is not permitted to lawfully harvest any fish.

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