logo150x108About Feike

Feike is an independent advisory firm that specialises in the provision of strategic and affordable professional services in the legal, natural resources, fisheries, environmental and fish farming sectors.

Feike is based in Cape Town, South Africa. We provide a range of specialist advisory services to clients in Western Africa, Southern Africa and Eastern Africa. Our clients include the South African Minister of Fisheries, private commercial firms, multilateral international organisations, regional fishery management organisations, non-govermental organisations and individual governments.

Our management team is led by Shaheen Moolla (BA, LLB – Wits). Shaheen has served as a Special Legal Adviser to South Africa’s minister responsible for fisheries and has also served as the head of South African fisheries management and compliance until March 2005. As managing director of Feike, Shaheen has provided a range of legal, regulatory, policy, management and institutional systems advice to organisations including the African Union, NEPAD, IUCN, FAO, UNEP, EU-ACP Fish II Programme & the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem Programme and Commission. Shaheen has also advised private and public companies both in South Africa and abroad on legal compliance in the fields of commercial, fisheries, fish farming and general environmental law. Shaheen is an Advocate of the High Court of SA, serves on the IUCN’s Commission on Environmental Law: Oceans, Coastal and Coral Reef Specialist Group and is also the legal advisor to the Great White Shark Protection Foundation and the South African Boat-Based Whale Watching Industry. Shaheen is presently advising SA’s Fisheries Minister on legal and litigation strategy, law reform and policy.

Heidi Currie is a qualified attorney who specialises in environmental law and compliance. Heidi has advised the Namibian and South African governments on areas of fisheries, aquaculture and environmental compliance. Heidi has provided extensive advice to the Namibian government in particular on marine protected area legislation, management and implementation.


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